This seasoning is delicious. Makes scampi and lasagna a simple, but delicious meal. Love it.

Patti C.

Tuscan Fantasy Seasoning

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Close your eyes and be whisked away to the hills of Tuscany.  Surround yourself with the aromas of garlic, red peppers, and crisp parsley baking in the warm Italian sunshine.  Our fragrant blend adds amazing flavor to many dishes with just a hint of red pepper for spice.  It makes delicious sauces, bread spreads, tomato dishes, fra diavlo, and much more!  Transform any dish into an Italian dream…

5.5 oz


  • Tuscan Fantasy Seasoning Ingredients

    Natural sea salt, garlic, pepper, onion, parsley, red bell pepper.

    All-natural, no preservatives, non-irradiated, gluten free, sugar free

Great stuff - I used Tuscan Fantasy with a little bit of the garlic oil sprinkled on Spaghetti squash rounds and roasted. Finished product made an excellent substitute for traditional pasta.

Rachel T.