This is a must have system. I needed some help and this was the fix. The recipes are absolutely fantastic!

Diana C.

Lean & Green Meal Making Systems

Stacey Hawkins Lean and Green Meal Making Systems give you everything you need (except the fresh ingredients) to make hundreds of Lean and Green meals, quickly and easily. 

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  • The System comes in 3 sizes. See the photos for flavor varieties in each size:

    Deluxe (12 flavors) 

    Ultimate (16 flavors) or the 

    Professional (38+ flavors one of EVERY product (including cookbook and labels) in the Stacey Hawkins lineup.

  • Designed to go hand-in-hand with low carb programs

    (including the Optavia 5&1 program) all recipes and products adhere to the low carb guidelines (Optavia guidelines & Lean / Green / Healthy Fat / Condiment counts included!), with detailed cooking instructions and nutrition counts with every recipe.

  • Each System comes with additional downloadable materials

    (food hacks, guides, meal-making planners, and more) as well as an unboxing video to help you get the most out of your package when it arrives

I accidentally stumbled upon Stacy’s website while looking for ideas for lean and green meals. What a treasure of fabulous spices and healthy recipes my husband enjoys too! I highly recommend her products, you won’t be disappointed!

Sharon E.