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Your goals ARE achievable. I know because through the program and my Meal Making System, I lost 100 lbs.


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Because BIG FLAVOR comes from quality.

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Combining professional chef's training with thousands of hours of experimentation results in perfectly balanced Wow! Blends that are specially formulated to make flavor pop.

You'll never get dull, powdery flakes from me - only freshly sourced, whole, vibrant ingredients.

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Make a better meal, live a better life

When you've set ambitious goals for yourself, it's hard work to stay on track. And when that goal involves food you don't enjoy (or that's just too tediouis to make...) it feels miserable.

I know because I've been there. And I HATED it.

See the thing is, when you actually start enjoying yourself, you start getting the results you want.

I developed the first-ever system to make Lean & Green eating fun- putting in 1000's of hours of spice blend and recipe testing to create the perfect Wow! Blend flavor combos that make it easy to make on-program meals, deliciously.

You've got big goals, and you deserve to have great food you love that gets you there, even if you don't cook.

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