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Transform ordinary ingredients into amazing low carb & Optavia Lean and Green meals with Chef Stacey's spices and easy recipes. Click below to discover new ways to make you say WOW!

GAME CHANGER!!! Omg I don’t even like to cook… however Wow! products have made it sooooo easy but most importantly the flavor !!! Love love it! ~ Lynette Newell

Not Sure Where to Begin? Our Starter Kit Makes it Easy!

We know it's SO much easier when someone just shows you what to cook. This starter kit was hand-selected to give you everything you need to make 10 different meals (entree & sides) for 4 people, multiple times! At less than 10 cents per serving, with hundreds of additional options, you'll not only save money, but experience the joy of fresh, flavorful meals you'll be proud to serve.


👙 So Indulgent You Won't Believe it's Diet Friendly

Stacey's recipes and ALL her products are designed to follow whole, fresh foods based diets and work incredibly well with low carb diets, Mediterranean style diets, Weight Watchers, Ozempic / Wegovy and Optavia (Lean & Green counts included!)

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Each of our products comes to you with it's own powerful QR code. Simply scan with your smartphone & see recipes, ideas, tips and more featuring the product! Unleash the power to transform everyday fresh foods from meh to Wow! with just your fingertips.


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Imagine how EASY dinner can be! Try 6 of our mouthwateringly easy, low-carb dinner recipes that feed 4 hungry people each (24 meals in all). This kit includes the spices, recipes and our step-by-step meal making cards (downloadable). You add to your fresh ingredients to create AMAZING meals! It's that EASY!