Stacey Hawkins Rosemary Versatility Seasoning
Rosemary Versatility Seasoning

Rosemary Versatility Seasoning

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"The tender beef stew is so good- and I love that all I have to do is throw everything in the crock pot.  Your easy meals make life so much simpler.  Don't ever stop doing what you're doing!" ~Rosalie P.

Our Award-Winning blend combines the rich aromatic flavors or rosemary, sage & thyme in one amazing seasoning.  Use to make wonderful roasted chicken, lamb and chops.  Fabulous for rosemary encrusted beef, for making roasted potatoes and much more!  An excellent rub with Roasted Garlic Oil for pork loin, as an addition to beef stews and makes an amazing sandwich spread when combined with ordinary mayo.

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