I started using the Dash of Desperation and still can not believe what a small dash of flavor can do for a meal. Thank you.

Cecelia R.

Dash of Desperation Seasoning

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Imagine a tin of magical "Food Fairy Dust"? That's what our customers call Dash of Desperation, and it's quickly become the one spice that no one can seem to live without. It's that "this needs something" spice that works on absolutely ANYTHING!

Stacey's secret "Dash of Desperation" is that go-to House Blend seasoning for any meat or fish, for jazzing up vegetables, salads, soups, stews, pasta dishes, eggs, and much much more. Use it when cooking, or throw a sprinkle on right before eating. Either way, you'll be so SO happy you found this blend.

Net wt. 5.25 oz or 16 oz

  • Dash of Desperation Seasoning Ingredients

    Garlic, onion, black pepper, parsley, natural sea salt.

    All-natural, no preservatives, non-irradiated, gluten free, sugar free, salt free

This blend is a MUST HAVE in my kitchen, I find myself reaching for it almost everyday. Great on its own in some dishes, or for adding extra depth to your dish. I hate running out of this so I bought the giant refill bag!

Ashley M.