The perfect blend on sea salt and smoke flavor!

Joann M.

Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt

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The rich, complex & smoky flavor of aged Smoked Alderwood adds incredible flavor to any dish.  All natural, no chemicals or artificial flavors.  A kitchen staple and a pinch goes a LONG way.
Fantastic as a finishing salt for meats of any kind, great on vegetables, in just about any preparation of potatoes.  Delicious on scrambled eggs- it tastes like there’s bacon when there isn’t!
Net weight: 5 oz
  • Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt Ingredients

    Organic sea salt smoked with natural alderwood.

    All-natural, No Preservatives, Non-irradiated, Gluten free, Sugar free, Non GMO, Organic See nutrition label for additional information.

This is my newest flavor craving! The deep smoky flavor adds so much “wow” to meat, eggs and even potatoes! A little goes a long way. Perfect timing with BBQ season on its way. Thank you for this amazing seasoning.

Pam I.