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Cyprian Sea Salt - Limited Edition

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Known for its incredible flavors and even more fantastic crystal structure, this sea salt derived from the Mediterranean waters of Cyprus takes over 2 years to make!

The salt is created by using the sun to evaporate seawater in shallow pools and then heated in large pans where the dazzling, HUGE pyramids form.

As incredible to taste as it is to look at. Use sparingly and crush with your fingers as you sprinkle over your food. Best used as a finishing salt on pretty much ANYTHING. A little goes a long way. A unique and flavorful addition to the spice cabinet!

Net wt. 2.5 ounces

  • Cyprian Sea Salt - Limited Edition Ingredients

    All-Natural, Solar Evaporated Sea Salt from the Mediterranean Sea

Great addition to the spice cabinet. I LOVE this salt!

Lorraine M.