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Flavor-bursting, chef inspired Lean & Green recipes in 20 minutes or less.


What Is The Ultimate L&G System?

It's a simple, but powerful COMPLETE KITCHEN TOOLKIT that gives you the fastest shortcuts to healthy Lean & Green meals!

Only Clean Ingrediants

All our ingrediants are all natural. Our spices have no preservatives, are gluten free and non-irradated, and our oils are certified non-GMO.

Foolproof, Flavorful, and 5&1 Compliant

Not only do our recipes come with full 5&1 counts to help keep you on program, almost all of them take 20 MIN OR LESS to create.

Chef Inspired Flavors

Stacey Hawkins, The Queen of Lean & Green is a certified chef, and a former 5&1 dieter. She has handcrafted each recipe full of flavor to help you stay on program, happy and healthy.

  • Optavia 5&1 Dieters

    Who need help and are frustrated trying to figure the "Lean & Green thing" out.

  • Everyday Low-Carb Lovers

    Looking for some new recipe inspiration, fresh new meals and exciting flavors to try.

  • I Hate to Cook & Want It Fast

    People who are trying to stay on program but also cooking for others. There's no longer a need to make 2 meals!

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