Luscious lemon oil is a great addition to your pantry. Light and flavorful oil for salads or fish. A go-to!

Jennifer F.

Luscious Lemon Oil

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Our light, rich, and lusciously flavored oils are perfect for cooking, as a condiment, in salads, baked goods, and more. We blend only the finest, heart-healthy canola oil and pleasantly infuse it with the natural, fresh & luscious flavor of juicy ripe lemons. Our signature blend is a perfect addition to any pantry for both sweet and savory cooking. It can be used daily to make fabulous chicken, fish, pasta, pork, and shellfish dishes. Excellent for roasting or sautéing vegetables. Use for baking in place of canola or vegetable oil to prepare baked goods with fresh citrus flavor like pound cake, muffins, or bread. Fantastic for frying pancakes too! Luscious Lemon oil is another easy way to make good food, fast and easy!

Net weight: 8oz. 

  • Luscious Lemon Oil Ingredients

    Certified Non-GMO Canola Oil, Natural Lemon Oil

This oil has made all the difference in my cooking!! I've never been a huge fan of meal making from scratch, but with this oil that is slowly beginning to change. I cook everything in this oil now, and everything taste 100% better!!

Lori C.