Kale ‘n’ Eggs Tuscan Style, a Lean and Green Recipe

Who says breakfast has to be boring?  No more plain old scrambled eggs for you, no way!  Not after you try this amazingly easy and delicious, protein rich breakfast!  Try it tomorrow (or for dinner) and never go back to flavorless eggs AGAIN.

Makes 1/2 lean and 1 green option.


Nonstick cooking spray (or other fat)

1/2 c  kale, shredded

1  large egg

2 large egg whites

pinch  Stacey Hawkins Tuscan Fantasy Seasoning



Rinse kale & shake off excess water (but do not dry it- the moisture will help it cook.)

Spray pan with nonstick spray (or fat of your choice) and heat over medium high heat.

Put kale in the pan and saute for one minute until bright green.

While kale is cooking, scramble eggs, whites and add seasoning.

Pour the eggs over the kale and cook until opaque, stirring continually to keep the eggs fluffy.

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