Let's make this simple- you want to eat great while on program and you want to keep the weight off forever, right?

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Imagine, One System.

One Playbook.

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Step On The Scale!

Lean and Green Cooking Systems can make it happen.


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I bring my 15 years experience as a chef, single mom and 100 pound loss success story to you.  Whats the secret?  FLAVOR!  I've developed a whole line of products, written 5 cookbooks and taught over 1000 Lean & Green cooking classes to people just like you.  I even helped Medifast write their first L&G cookbook!







All products & recipes meet Lean and Green, Optavia Recipe guidelines.  

All recipes list the number of Lean and Green portions.


Just ask Sandy Bass from SandysKitchenAdventures

What's IN the Systems?

Glad you asked!

Plus TONS of Recipes!


These are meals that you and your whole family will love. One meal for everyone that will keep you from feeling BORED, FRUSTRATED and FAT. No more boring chicken and salad.  No more stress.  Just great food made easily, that keeps you looking great.