Hosting a Charcuterie Board Class Couldn't be Easier or More Fun!

Want to do something fun, interesting and Wow! for your friends, charity / work group or just have a fun and different party night? Let the 2 Tall Chef's Stacey & Jason entertain you with a fun & interactive cooking class!

Much like a "Sip and Paint" this class is part demonstration, part hands-on and 100% FUN! Great for couples, girlfriends night out, bachelorette parties, birthday parties and more!

Learn how to make gorgeous charcuterie meat roses, garnishes and decorations. Learn the "Art" of arranging the board and how to pair cheeses and garnishes. No more Lunchables for you!

Here's how it works:

    • Pick a date & let's synchronize calendars! 😊 Let the party begin! 🎉
    • Choose your party size and location.  We need a minimum of 10 people registered 48 hours before the class is to begin. Maximum number of people is determined by the size of your event space. (Everyone will need a station and about 2 square feet of table space to work.)  A kitchen is not necessary, but a washing up sink and bathroom for your guests is.
    • Once we've got the logistics set up, we'll set up a registration link for your guests to register & commit to the class. This link you'll share by email, text or put on your social media page and it will take people right to the information & registration page.  You don't have to worry about handling any money or logistics- we take care of all that. All you need to do is make sure everyone registers.
    • What's your part? Simply make sure the event space is clean and comfortable and provide beverages of your choice for guests. From there, you get to sit back, relax and enjoy your own party!
    • We will show up about 30 minutes before showtime & bring everything with us to take care of the entire party. Guests will go home with their charcuterie board creations, boxed and wrapped and ready for travel!


      • Do I need a kitchen?  No, a kitchen is not necessary, however, we do need table space to do the demonstration and then enough room for everyone to create their own charcuterie boards. We also need for there to be a sink for clean-up, as well as for guests to wash-up.
      • Does it cost anything? Guests pay a registration fee and we require 10 people to be registered 48 hours before class time. When 10 people are registered, the 11th (hostess) is free*. The only out-of-pocket expense for the hostess is for beverages.
      • What is included & How does it work? The chef's create a large charcuterie board with all the fixings during the demonstration that is then served to the guests. There is plenty of snacking for all! After the demo, each guest gets a package of meat and cheese and a box with a wooden cutting board, gloves and serving cups. They are invited to take garnishes of their choice from a large display and then go back to their station to create their boards.  When finished, we wrap each box in commercial grade plastic wrap for a safe ride home.  The day after the class, an email is sent with all class materials including our The Art of Charcuterie" booklet and recipes!
      *This number may change depending on travel time and will be discussed with the hostess prior to booking.


    1. How Do I book?  Simply email to or text to 914-720-5844. We'll take it from there!

    2. (NOTE: We are based in the Hudson Valley in NY, however do travel far and wide to teach these classes. Feel free to reach out!)


      • Who cleans up? The chef's take care of their workspace and we work as a group to clean up the rest.
      • How long does it take? The average class runs 2 hours.

      We Look Forward to Delighting you!