Thanks for your interest!

As a result of the survey we put out to all our customers recently, people have questions. LOTS of them.

I don't always have the precise answers when it comes to specific diet & nutrition programs. I'm the chef, not the coach, and I hate leaving people in the lurch.

It also seems that those of you who are helping others eat better and live better also have questions and needs of your own.

I want to help you as well and give you individualized attention and resources. When we all work together, we help the greatest number. Helping as many people as possible to be healthier is what it's all about!

So... I'm forming a volunteer group to discuss all these questions, wants & needs.  There's no "work" involved other than offering your advice & opinions when we need them.  On our end, we'll also listen to you and help you, help your clients with the resources you desire.

If interested, please submit your email below & we'll reach out in a week or two as soon as we have things put together!  I'm excited to start a dialogue and create win-win situations together.  Thanks for your help!