Why Do We Feel Less Hungry During the Summer?

Summer Care: Why Do We Feel Less Hungry During the Summer?

It is a general tendency to binge eat during winters, but come summers, not even the most enticing dish appeals to us.

by Sarika Rana for NDTV Food

It is a general tendency to binge eat during winters, but come summers, not even the most enticing dish appeals to us. The sight of steaming hot delicacies is not that captivating and we don't feel like fighting for that last piece of pizza. Is it the hot weather that makes us lose interest in food, or is it that we are too loaded up on water due to excessive heat? What exactly affects our appetite?! Let's dig in a little deeper to know some answers.

According to Nutritionist & Physiologist, Ritesh Bawri, "There are several theories about why we feel less hungry in summers or more in winter. One theory suggests the amount of light stimulates hunger. It says that when there is less light our body naturally begins to crave food to store it. Your body is afraid it might not get more. Another theory suggests that our body has to work harder to fight the cold and, therefore, you feel hungrier."

Generally, during summers, heat tends to evaporate the water content from the body, which is because the body is trying to regulate temperature by expelling water in the form of sweat. The part of the body that regulates the temperature is known as hypothalamus. This body part has two jobs, one is to keep you cool, and two, recognizing hunger and promoting satisfaction. Now, when the body is trying to sweat it out, hypothalamus tends to pay lesser attention towards your hunger.

The digestive process also generates certain amount of heat, which is suppressed by hypothalamus in order to control its workload. This can be one of the reasons why we feel less hungry in summers; also a way to promote drinking more water; thanks to the sweltering heat.

Ritesh Bawri says, "It is your body mass index (BMR) that changes between winters and summers, i.e. your body has to work harder to keep you alive. Therefore, minor changes in your BMR requirement could appear to be a significant increase or decrease in hunger levels."

Your body is designed to ensure that it does everything required for you to eat. Low sodium or potassium levels, for example, will compel you to eat. The best way to ensure adequate nutrition is to understand the calories in food and also what consists of a balanced diet. All you need to do is to pay attention to what you eat and avoid. Have foods that are lighter on your tummy and ensure smooth summer days.

Happy Summer!

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