9 Greek Yogurt Hacks You'll Love

Greek yogurt is truly a gift from the Gods.  Full of protein, full of flavor and delicious, it makes an amazing much-better substitute for so many of the classic “bases” (i.e.: mayonnaise, sour cream, etc.)

In many cases, these whites are simply carriers for flavor in the end product. What do I mean?  Well, think of a simple recipe, like a dip- usually sour cream, mayo and herbs & spices. The end result is nothing but the FLAVOR of the spices.  You don’t really taste the sour cream or the mayo, you only taste the “ranch” or the “dill” or the “garlic.”  Right?  Right!

Perfect for making dips, sauces, as a "creamy" base in savory dishes and even as a sweet little snack, you simply can't go wrong with Greek Yogurt.

Instead of using a carrier that is full of fat or unnecessary ingredients, try these easy yogurt substitutions that create a higher protein, lower fat version.  Here’s a chart that highlights some easy conversions:

Want to download and print a PDF Version of this for your kitchen?  Click here

Want some great recipes featuring Greek Yogurt that will make your mouth as happy as your jeans? Click here.

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