4 Beautifully Easy Meals

Are you struggling mentally, physically and emotionally with everything going on these days? The frustration is real. So is the stress. Some days it is hard to cope.

There are ways to make it better.

We'd probably all love to head out for some pampering. For many, nothing removes stress or makes us feel better than relaxing like we're on vacation. The change of pace, the change of scenery and the luxury put us at ease.

Why not change the pace and the scene - at home! 

Simple changes in how we do things can give us a whole new perspective. Breaking the "routine" even a little bit messes with your brain (in a good way) and can help you feel better.

Break out the "Good Stuff."

Start right now by getting one of your "good" glasses out of the cupboard! Why not drink your daily water out of a crystal goblet, eat your dinner (or even a fueling!) off a good piece of dinnerware or your salad with the good silverware? Treat yourself! What are you saving it for?

Kick it up at dinner tonight.  

Along those same lines, set a gorgeous table setting and make a killer dinner (beautiful, easy meals to follow) and enjoy it by candle light. Got kids? Feed them first and then you and yours can enjoy a romantic dinner for two and reconnect. Being stuck inside doesn't have to mean stuck in a rut. You got this!

My 4 Favorite, Low Carb and Easy Recipes: 

Mediterranean Roasted Chicken with Lemon Dill Radishes

Tex-Mex Seared Salmon with Fresh Pico de Gallo

Seared Scallops in Creamy Garlic Sauce

Dijon and Garlic Crusted Flank Steak


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