10 Things You Should Throw Out From the Kitchen- Immediately

Clutter happens, especially in kitchens. With the kitchen often being the center of the home, it's no wonder that things accumulate and get forgotten. While sometimes it's harmless and just because we're lazy (yeah- we all are!) other times it can be dangerous and even a health hazard. Here's my list of the top 10 things you should clear out of your kitchen- Immediately!

1. Cracked Wood Cutting Boards- they harbor bacteria and are impossible to clean. Ditch them now!

2. Mismatched Lids and Containers- come on now, you know their mates are hanging out with the lost socks and never coming back!

3. Sad Kitchen Sponges- they harbor mildew and all kinds of gross things. Put them to rest.

4. Flaking or Scratched Nonstick Pans- no matter how much you LOVE the pan- ditch it. That coating flakes off in your food and is super harmful!

5. Old Spices & Herbs- when's the last time you took inventory? If they're in plastic and over a year old, pitch them now- they're flavorless. If they're in glass or metal, take a pinch in between your fingers and rub. If they smell awesome, keep em. If not, throw them away and get new ones.

6. Rancid Cooking Oils- if you've got a dusty, sticky bottle hanging out in your pantry, chances are good it's shot and should be thrown away. Pop the top and give it a sniff- if it smells clean, keep it. If it smells sour, throw it out. Rancid oils are actually dangerous to eat.

7. Leaky & Lidless Travel Mugs & Water Bottles- come on, you know they need to go....

8. Expired Condiments- is the back of your fridge a land of mystery? What about the door? If your mustard is as old as the hills, it's time to poupon!

9. Chipped and Stained Plates, Bowls & Cups- Once the coating on dishes is cracked or broken, it becomes a place where harmful bacteria can hang out and thrive. Unless you've got some truly sentimental pieces, give them the heave ho once and for all. Don't you deserve something pretty?

10. Tired or Damaged Cooking Utensils- How many times are you going to stare down that cracked wooden spoon, partially melted spatula or tongs with the rubber grips missing? Throw them out and get yourself some swanky new tools!

Take a look around your kitchen and figure out what you can get rid of, today! Find something interesting? Definitely post it in the comments. We want to know, what's the worst thing you found? 

Happy cooking!


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