Kick the Mindless Overeating Habit for Good.

Let’s face it. We are all going a bit stir crazy with the state of the world we are in.  It's leading to overeating, which is stressing us out even more. If we are not careful or keep falling victim to our cravings, we're going to be worse off than when we started.

All that effort. All that hard work. Those skinny jeans. GONE.

But what to do?

From not working, to being cooped up in our homes and spending wayyyy too much time sitting, we’re beyond bored.

For many of us, it’s killing our routines, sabotaging our goals and undoing all the hard work we've done.


We’re frustrated, we’ve got time on our hands and we’re not busy. It often leads to mindlessly grabbing something to eat to pass the time.  Before we know it, it’s too late.

Don’t beat yourself up, however! There is a better way. First, know you are not alone, there’s nothing “wrong” with you and you aren’t bad because you’re nibbling.  You are human, and you need some support. That’s why we’re here.

Imagine a world where you can put the cravings behind, where you can be worry free. It can happen :)



Here are our top 10 Ways to Stop Anxious Overeating NOW

    1. If you’re really hungry- have an "approved" snack!

      You don’t always have to say no- however you DO need to do a check – in with your body and figure out if you’re really hungry, or just bored? 

        2. Reach out to a friend who is not a candy bar.

          Whether you call, text or video, getting a friend on the other line and starting a conversation is a GREAT way to get your mind off eating. Plain and simple.

            3. Drink a glass of water.

              Often, we’re not really hungry, we’re thirsty. Having a nice big glass of water not only keeps your mouth busy, it fills your belly up- fast.

                4. Chew a piece of gum.

                  Talk about keeping your mouth busy! Not only does the chewing satisfy your cravings, but your mouth makes saliva which tells your body food is on the way- and can keep you from craving more.  (Not to mention that you won’t want to add food to your mouth when you have gum in it- YUK!)

                    5. Move!

                    Do 10 jumping jacks, squats, knee raises, wall push-ups or exercise of your choice. Getting moving gets your adrenaline up and your desire down.

                        6. Go outside.

                          If you are in an area where you can safely get some distance and some fresh air, go for it!  If you are not, change rooms (and stay out of the kitchen!) Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need.

                            7. Play with your pets.

                            Get your fur time on! Your pets will love the extra attention and you’ll get a tremendous boost of oxytocin from the simple act of sharing some love with them. Don’t have pets? Get on your phone and spend some quality time watching pet videos. They’re everywhere.

                                8. Dance. Dance. Dance. Or Sing!

                                Blare your fave tunes and have a dance party right in your living room or wherever you are. You’ll burn a few calories and have a whole heck of a lot of fun in the process. Plus studies show that music has a super effect on your brain. Get those endorphins goin’!

                                    9. Put pen to paper.

                                    Whether drawing, journaling, coloring or doodling is your thing, keep your hands and your mind busy with your creative side & watch the anxiety melt away. You can’t focus on two things at once- so why not focus on creative fun?

                                        10. Support yourself with good nutrition & supplements.

                                        Set yourself up for success from the get-go by supporting your system with good nutrition and the right weight management supplements that can help manage anxiety, stress and overeating. 

                                          You can easily manage your anxious, stressful and mindless overeating. Don’t become a diet failure or another sad statistic. Help yourself Get control over these destructive habits with these great tips, starting today.




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