Perfect Lean and Green Coleslaw Recipe

Nothing says summer like coleslaw!  But how to make it on a low carb program so it follows lean and green principles without all the fat without sacrificing flavor?  Easy!  I’ve got you covered.  This simple recipe is packed with flavor and fun and I promise, you won’t miss a thing.  Neither will your guests!


1 14oz bag shredded cabbage (about 6 cups) with or without carrots*

1/4 C  apple cider vinegar (the good stuff with the Mother)

3/4 C  plain Greek yogurt- 2%

1 heaping Tablespoon  Stacey Hawkins Citrus Dill Seasoning


  1. Add vinegar, yogurt and Citrus Dill seasoning to a large bowl.  Whisk to combine.
  2. Pour shredded cabbage over the mixture and using your hands, tongs or 2 large forks, toss the cabbage into the dressing to combine.
  3. Store in an airtight container for up to 5 days in the fridge.  Serve chilled.

* carrots are optional and if used, add a negligible amount of complex carbohydrates.  If your mix has carrots, please add one additional condiment to the count.

Yields 6 cups.


Optavia Recipe / Lean and Green Recipe / 5 & 1 Food Counts for the Optavia & Medifast Program

1 Cup of Coleslaw is 1/8 of a lean serving, 2 green servings and 1/4 condiment (1 & 1/4 condiments if your mix has carrots)

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