The Top 5 Lean & Green Meal Making Mistakes

EVERYONE has had Epic Fails  in the kitchen and especially when on a diet. While we've all made them, they actually CAN be avoided if you know what to look for ahead of time.

Over the years, I've heard them all.  Here are the top 5 mistakes commonly made when it comes to Lean and Green Recipes and best yet, how you can avoid them! The end results save you time, money and don't sabotage your program.  So let's go!


1.  Not having a plan / Not being prepared

Nothing, and I mean nothing will create an epic fail like not having a plan to start with.  Take 15 minutes at the start of the week and get your meal plan in place. Simply start by looking through your pantry, fridge & freezer and seeing what you have on hand and what meals you can make.  From there, make your grocery list & plot out your 5 (or more) meals for the week.  Go shopping (ONCE) and you’re all set.  No more stress, no more worry, just easy meals that are ready to go.  Need some help?  Download my FREE Week’s Eats Worksheet now.


2.  Not using the right/best ingredients

What you put in is what you get out.  It’s really that simple.  The basic backbone of every great Lean and Green meal is whole, fresh ingredients that are colorful, fragrant, crisp and delicious.  I’m not saying buy everything organic, grass fed, etc (but if you want to- go for it!) but what I am saying is pay attention to the recipes you are making and buy great ingredients to make them with.  There is a HUGE difference in flavor, texture and overall satiety (the feelings of being full and happy after eating) when you follow this method.  Choose ingredients according to the directions in the recipe, according to what is in season and always choose whole & fresh over processed.  This ONE step can save you a LOT of disappointment.


3.  Not paying attention to labels

Let the eater beware!  When you are following a chemically balanced diet (one that puts you into ketosis like the Paleo Diet, Medifast Diet, Optavia Diet, etc,) you MUST be really careful about the amount of carbs and sugar you ingest. One gram too many and you’re thrown out of whack for days.  The sugar & carbs aren’t the only thing you should be paying attention to, however, and that’s where reading the labels comes into play.  So many foods have hidden garbage, like thickeners, chemicals, additives and preservatives that should just be avoided.  Pay attention to the labels and again, the fewer ingredients- the more “whole” the food, the better.


4.  Not having enough FLAVOR and being BORED

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times.  BORING food, food that lacks flavor and, well, sucks will kill your program.  Why?  Because once you stare down yet another plate of chicken and salad and say ENOUGH, you’ll immediately want to go back to food that is FUN and FLAVORFUL.  Often times, this means going back to old habits that will KILL your diet and undo all the work you did.  So what’s the solution?  Glad you asked.  It’s simple.  Cook foods that have great flavor, that are on program and easy to make. Get FREE easy recipes here.

5.  Portion Sizes

This is a no brainer, but it really needs to be mentioned here because there ARE some nuances.  Of course we know that we’re not “supposed” to eat major quantities of things, but don’t be brainwashed into thinking you have to eat tiny portions of EVERYTHING.  It’s just not the case, especially with Lean and Green foods.  For example, did you know that the recommended portion sizes on the Lean options on the Optavia Diet (aka Medifast Diet, Take Shape for Life Diet) are actually for COOKED portions and not RAW portions?  (Check out the guidelines & suggestions here.) In many cases, that means you’re under eating, which is just as detrimental as over eating.  Pay attention and know your numbers.

By looking at these 5 Lean and Green Recipe mistakes, you can easily overcome the most common pitfalls associated with lean and green meals and make flavorful, delicious and mouthwatering foods EVERY TIME.  Just get prepared, get some great seasonings and GO!  Want to learn more and save some money?  Here's your reward for reading all the way to the end- a sneak preview of the sales & bundles this week ❤️ 💰😋😋

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