5 Reasons Why You May Not be Losing the Weight

Have you ever stepped on the scale and wanted to SCREAM?  If you’re like most of us, there is nothing more frustrating than hopping on the scale after being “good” and discovering that the number is stuck… or worse yet, it has gone up!

After decades of dieting and helping people lose weight, I’ve discovered a few common denominators that lead to the dreaded “scale frustration.”  Chances are good at least one, if not a few of these will resonate with you.  The good news? Knowledge is power.  Once you know, you can change.  Read on!


Does this routine sound familiar?  Day 1: “I’m going on a diet and will lose 10 pounds!”  The determination is there, you’re “good” for a whole week and then step on the scale and are mad because you haven’t lost 10 pounds!  So, you throw in the towel and get frustrated because “you can’t do it.”

Unrealistic expectations are the number one killer of diets.  We live in a quick fix society that wants INSTANT results and wants them now.

THE FIX:  Set super realistic goals and have fun while doing it.  Resolve to lose a pound or two a week and to eat deliciously healthy meals in the process (NOT diet food!)  You’ll make healthy habits that last forever this way AND be less likely to fall off the bandwagon.


How often have you found yourself staring down a bag/bowl/handful/whatever of food only to realize you haven’t tasted a thing?  Mindless eating or eating and forgetting are commonplace, especially in today’s distracted world.  This results in extra calories consumed as well as the WRONG calories consumed (junk food, etc) and worse yet, we remain hungry because we don’t even remember eating!  It’s a no-brainer as to why this can sabotage even our best of efforts.

THE FIX:  Make a simple daily food plan and/or track your food using an app or food journal. In addition, make TIME to eat, and eat mindfully, not at your desk, computer or while in the car.  Paying attention to the food will nourish more than just your body.  Get re-connected with your food.



It’s no secret that your body was designed to MOVE and your body needs to move to feel your best. But, you also have to rest.  It’s a fine balance.  Much like the scales of justice, the bathroom scale will reflect your activity balance accordingly.  While this does not mean you have to sign up to run a marathon (but go for it if it’s your desire!) you do need to be active and move to keep in your best shape.  If you over do it, or under do it, the balance will be off and the scale will NOT move.

THE FIX:  Start Moving!  Take a class. Take a walk.  Take the stairs.  It does not matter what you do, just start doing it.  Fitness trackers are a great place to start helping you keep track of your movements.  The numbers don’t lie!  By watching how your movement affects your weight loss efforts, you’ll be able to determine how much/little exercise you need to achieve your results.  Just Do It!


Let’s face it- when we’re committed, we often get a little “too” enthusiastic and make sweeping changes all at once.  We go from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye and vow to start with a totally clean slate, changing everything from our calorie intake, to our exercise regime to our vitamins.

When we do this, it’s tough for our bodies to acclimate and can send everything from our metabolism to our GI systems into a frenzy.

THE FIX:Rather than making sweeping changes all at once, unless it’s medically necessary, start slowly.  Make small changes that you can actually do for the long haul. And do them one at a time.  Not only will this lead to new habits that can last a lifetime, but you’ll actually be able to gauge which change works for you and which has little to no effect.


While everyone IS indeed different with the total amount of sleep they need, the truth is, if we don’t get ENOUGH then we set ourselves up for disaster in a number of ways.  The body needs sleep to function properly. There are tons of articles online that get into the science behind this , but the long and the short is if you want to lose weight, feel great and have a clear head, you need enough sleep.

It’s really that simple.

THE FIX:  Only YOU know what’s enough for you.  If you wake feeling rested, you’ve had enough.  If you don’t… well, chances are good that you need to hit the sheets a little earlier.  Experiment until you find what is right for YOU.  Reset your sleep clock and you can reset your weight loss.

Losing weight can be frustrating, especially when we don’t pay attention to some of the hidden dangers that can sabotage all our efforts.  By making small changes, like  paying attention and tracking the food we eat, the exercise we get and the sleep we get, along with setting realistic expectations, we can increase our success for the long haul, stopping the scale frustration, once and for all.

Don’t suffer any longer with boring meals that take too long to make, have WAY too many ingredients and that turn out bleh.  

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