3 Easy Optavia Hacks to stay on program... and help keep the weight off FOREVER!

Let’s face it, making Lean and Green recipes, heck, making any dinner recipes every night can some times be a challenge.  With limited time to shop, prep and cook, dinner is often seen as a chore rather than fun- especially when you’re really wanting to stay on program...

If you’re like most, you fall into one of 3 categories when it comes to dinner (or maybe even all three!)  You’re feeling bored with eating the same things over and over again (ugh, chicken breast!!), you’re feeling fat because of either poor food choices or needing to resort to the wrong foods because you’re starving and in a pinch, and/or you’re frustrated because you have no clue how to get yourself out of the cycle.  Sound sfamiliars, doesn’t it…

So what’s a person to do?  How can you make delicious, easy and simple meals every night that keep you on track and feeling great?  How can you make just ONE meal for your entire family rather than one for you, one for your kids and one for your hubby?  The answer is surprisingly simple & today I’m going to share with you my 3 favorite hacks for getting it done.



Having a plan makes you MUCH more likely to stay on track and not be frustrated at meeting your goals.  Isn’t it that way with everything?  LOL, of course it is!  At the beginning of the week, usually Sunday, write out the 5 meals you are going to make for the week and make sure you have all your ingredients on hand.  This will turn into your grocery list and ultimately your plan.  Also ensure that you look at your schedule for the week and plan accordingly- if you know Tuesday is going to be tight on time, plan a crock pot meal for that night so you don’t even have to THINK about it!  No more frustration when you have a plan.



Adding new recipes, new flavors and new ways of cooking to your weekly meals helps you stay on program by warding off boredom.  Stick with recipes that are simple and flavorful and that you can make easily.  Change your ground turkey 19 different ways like into delicious Tex Mex Turkey Stuffed Poblanos (plus the other 18 recipes) or simply add robust flavors to plain meats to give your current cooking a twist.  It’s easy as long as you have good products and recipes to work with.  Creating new recipes will be the way you transition easier and more successfully because you’ll have a whole new menu of things to choose from for years to come.  You’ll never be bored if you follow this method.



We often feel “fat”, bloated and/or unsatisfied after meals that contain the wrong “mix” of ingredients.  Foods that are heavy, things that are cooked in a little too much oil and those that are skimpy can have us longing for more and perhaps even feeling hungry.  Of course, this causes us to snack later… and you know what kind of trouble THAT can get us in!  Try adding additional fiber and veggies to your meals where you can.  Simple additions, like some kale in soups and stews or some spinach or greens as a side dish can increase the bulk letting you feel satisfied without feeling bloated, fat or guilty.  In addition, brightening foods with acids like lemon, cider vinegar or citrus (careful of the carbs) can also accomplish this mission.  Dinner can leave you feeling full and satisfied, NOT fat if you know how.

No matter what your challenge, you can get easy lean and green recipes on the table every night that satisfy and leave you feeling fabulous.  Simply by following these 3 quick hacks, you can kick the feelings of boredom, fat and frustration goodbye.

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Lean and Green Recipes Cookbook- Low Carb for Everyone (Optavia compliant & food counts included)

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Lean and Green Recipes Cookbook- Low Carb for Everyone (Optavia compliant & food counts included)

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