Paris- Jules Verne Restaurant

Les Jules Verne – A Luxury Restaurant Inside Paris’ Crown Jewel

An Unforgettable 14 Course Michelin gastronomic meal- we both said "probably the best of our lives" and between the two of us, we've eaten everywhere!

The Jules Verne restaurant is probably one of the most famous restaurants in Paris, as it is located on the second floor of the Dame de Fer, a.k.a. the Iron Lady or Eiffel Tower soaring 410 feet (125m) above the capital with its fabulous views. It is the City of Light’s highest gastronomic destination!
Dining here is a one of a kind experience and is an emotion-filled souvenir with a breathtaking view over Paris!

In the kitchen, it's none other than triple-Michelin-starred chef Frédéric Anton (Le Pré Catalan) who takes the lead. Offering up refined and technically delicate plates, on the menu.

Chef Anton wants his cuisine to mirror France’s “culinary excellence" while revisiting the great classics paired with seasonal and local products. The overall meal is presented as a gastronomic experience in the arts décoratifs tradition.

From the moment you show your reservation, the thrilling experience starts, as you are first of all whisked up to the 2nd floor on the Eiffel Tower in a private elevator. So cool! Then it becomes an evening of relaxation and comfort. The table is yours for the evening, so there is no rush and you may stay as long as you like. (Well, until closing time anyway!)

This Landmark owes its name to the famous literary master Science fiction writer Jules Verne, who was also a spokesperson for scientific and industrial progress!

***The Jules Verne 14 course Haute French cuisine menu in pictures***


I love that you can see the Eiffel Tower reflected in the spoon!!
When broken into... you see the lobster inside. This was one of my FAVORITE courses!
Again... the sauce!!
The coffee nibble was the size of a quarter... but the flavor was that of a Grande Starbucks combined with the darkest chocolate!  OMG
And I couldn't stop staring at the marshmallows... a tiny bit smaller than a quarter, actually! They were fun and flavorful, but THAT wasn't what blew me away... it was the execution. I cannot FATHOM making these layers so precisely even- they were only millimeters thick and if you zoom in you see- there is ZERO unevenness! Whoever made these is a mad genius!!!
It was the perfect end to a perfect meal.

For more information on this incredible restaurant, check out their website at

And a HUGE thanks to Chef Jason Shenefield  for the photos and captions as I'm always too busy eating or chatting to get all the best shots!

And no... we were not compensated at all for this review. As hard working chefs ourselves, we are happy to pay in full and don't ask for freebies in lieu of a good review. If we don't like it, we simply don't write about it! :)



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