Brightening Blend- NEW!
Brightening Blend- NEW!
Brightening Blend- NEW!

Brightening Blend- NEW!

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"Thank you for making it so easy to flavor my water without having to carry lemons around all day.  Also, my shakes have never tasted better.  Thank you!" ~Susan M.

A tart and tangy blast of citrus that’s great on everything! Use just a pinch to make smoothies & fruit POP. Try on savory dishes instead of salt. Great tossed with cucumbers or cabbage for a lemony citrus salad. Add a pinch to your water for amazing lemon flavor without the squirt in the eye, lol. Try on chicken or fish for a lemony brightness that will take your tastebuds to a whole new level. Use sparingly at first- don’t say we didn’t warn you! A little goes a LONG way.

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How to Use


Lemon peel, orange peel, citric acid, parsley. 

All natural, non-irradiated, no preservatives, salt free, sugar free, gluten free.