Better Together

If you're reading this, it's because you are a follower of my flavorful tribe.

And this tribe knows that flavor is everything, don't we?

Do you also know that many ingredients and foods we pair together don't only taste fabulous in tandem, but when combined, their nutritional values can be significantly increased, making our food even better?

Ok, so unfortunately, I'm not talking about peanut butter and chocolate, but...

Other super yummy combinations of foods and especially spices have been known since ancient times to be beneficial for giving our food, and our bodies a little lift:

Grains & Garlic

Eating your veggies and more plant based diets may be good for you and for our planet, but it can be difficult to get some of the trace minerals like zinc and iron. While whole grains have tons of both on their own, it' difficult for our bodies to absorb them.

Paring whole grains with garlic or onions can increase absorption of these trace minerals by up to 66%. That's a BIG difference! Want to see for yourself? Try our Garlic and Spring Onion Blend, loaded with both onion and garlic to make paring (and flavoring) a breeze.

Turmeric & Black Pepper

The ancients eased arthritis pain and muscle soreness for thousands of years with turmeric. Recent studies have actually confirmed that the beautiful, yellow ground spice can help prevent and reduce joint inflammation throughout the body. But once again, the active ingredient in turmeric (curcumin) can be difficult to absorb.

So what's the solution? Add some ground black pepper.  This combination increases the absorption rate by over 2000%! Easy Indian recipes full of this inflammation busting spice can be discovered using Stacey's Spices of India, full of flavor and so easy to use.

Red Meat and Rosemary

Cooking red meat has suffered from a bit of controversy over the years.  Free radicals called HCA's (heterocyclic amines) are formed when red meat is cooked over high heat (like an open flame), and researchers believe these particles can increase the risk of cancer.

A recent study done at Kansas State University has shown that rosemary can actually neutralize some of those damaging free radicals. A classic combination, add some rosemary to your steak to reap the flavorful rewards. Want to savor a more flavorful steak? Check out Stacey's Rosemary Versatility Seasoning! Combined with a little oil and rubbed on red meat, it will make a meal you won't soon forget.



Adapted from an original article by Marge Perry in Health Bites, April 2019


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