5 Ways to Save Hundreds on Groceries


I'm floored at how expensive groceries are getting! Are you too?

I'm starting to feel like the food companies are listening to us and providing more fresh, whole and organic choices, but because we're demanding them, they just may be inflating the prices. 🤬🤬
I'm not willing to fall victim to their practices so I came up with my top 5 ways to beat them at their own game! Ready? Here you go:


1. Buy In Bulk. Stock up on those things you can store and use at a later date, like meats & veggies that can be frozen, can and dry goods. Stay away from buying fresh things you won't use in a week as they'll just go bad and you'll not only have buyers remorse, you'll waste your money & fill up the landfills.


2. Read the Fliers and Shop the Sales. This one is pretty straightforward!


3. Stick to Your List! This one, also straightforward, is HUGE and sometimes hard to resist. Marketers spend hundreds of thousands (and even millions!) persuading you to buy things- many you don't actually need. Make a list and stick to it, no matter the temptation. (PS- of course if it's something you need, will use and is a good bargain, like dish detergent, GO FOR IT!)


4. Use a Hand Held Basket, Not a Cart. Going in to grab something quick you forgot? Just take a basket instead of a cart. If you can't carry it, you can't buy it. Oh, and notice next time that they can sometimes be hard to find... this is on purpose!


5. Shop Alone. Ok, while I always encourage you to ask for help in the kitchen while cooking, when it comes to grocery shopping, go solo. This prevents unwanted, unneeded and unnecessary items from winding up in your cart! It will also save you tons of time (not to mention money) allowing you to get in, get out, and stick to the plan.


6. (Bonus!) Do NOT go Grocery Shopping Hungry. 'nuff said!

You can save hundreds of dollars by taking the time to follow these simple 5 steps. You'll also save yourself tons of time and be good to the Earth by having less food waste in your household. Make your list and start shopping smart, today!


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