My Naked Truth

My Naked Truth

Today, I’d like to stand before you in my imperfection. I’d like to tell you that my life is not perfect, and that I screw things up.  I forget my kids at practice.  I have days when I totally doubt myself. It might surprise you to know that I struggled with feelings of inadequacy, low self-worth, and a poor body image for many years.  Some days, I still do.

The shame associated with feeling bad about ourselves can be an overwhelming emotion and a heavy burden to bear, if we let it.  We criticize ourselves for not being good enough parents, caregivers, or lovers, or for not being smart enough, rich enough, or thin enough. We allow shame to drive us crazy and prevent us from living a luscious life.

I’m thankful to be able to say that my days full of shame and self-doubt are limited, because I’ve learned one really big tool to overcome them.  And I want to help you take a giant step in that same direction, because we should all decide that we’ve had ENOUGH of not feeling like we aren’t enough.

So what is that tool, you ask? It’s the power to be vulnerable.

Being vulnerable means taking a risk, showing others who you truly are and how you truly feel.  It means asking for help, (gasp!), or laying your heart on the line.  It means being honest and true to yourself when standing naked in front of the mirror. To learn to love your physical and emotional self unconditionally, you have to be able to say, “I don’t have to be perfect.  I don’t have to listen to anyone but ME.  I can surround myself with only those who accept me for who I am.”

It’s about letting go of trying to please everyone else, and learning to simply please yourself.  As author, TEDx Speaker, and all-around rock-star Brene Brown says in a recent interview with Redbook, “the outcome of a life spent performing, pleasing, and perfecting is resentment, grief, judgment, and anger.”

Understand, however, that being vulnerable MUST start with you. In her book, “Daring Greatly,” Brown says, “all the research finds that we really can’t offer people more compassion than we have for ourselves. I think it’s because, in order for us to tolerate imperfection and vulnerability in other people, we have to be able to accept what is imperfect in ourselves. If there are prerequisites for worthiness that we carry either knowingly or unknowingly within us, then we apply them to ourselves as well as other people.”

When we’re critical of ourselves, it’s so easy to be critical of others for the very same reasons. When we focus on who we are, and loving ourselves, that love becomes abundant.

I understand that many of you feel shame around food, meals and caring for your family. I want to stand here and shout, “You don’t have to be perfect!! I’m not either!” But I have figured out how to help you be ENOUGH when it comes to making great food and feeling good about it. Let me help you take your serving of shame off your plate and replace it with self-love and satisfaction.  I promise you a safe, judgment-free place to learn and perform dinnertime magic, and I’m right beside you every step of the way.

Stop feeling guilty and ashamed about what you’re making and calling “dinner.” Guilt means “I did something bad.” When we go through life in a cloud of shame, we’re going through life thinking we’re bad. We’re not. We just may not have the tools… that’s where I come in. I’m here to give the tools TO you.

Want a few chills of excitement, encouragement, and power?  Of COURSE you do! Take a few minutes to watch Brene Brown speak on THE topic that can totally change your life.   It costs nothing but your willingness to be brave and daring.  And when you’re ready to start making a difference in your food, call me! I’m here when you’re ready.

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