6 Things You Can Do NOW to get Back on Track

We all lose our way.  Even the most disciplined, dedicated and motivated of us gets off track from time to time.  It’s a fact. If you thought it was only YOU, then please, read on…

We start new goals and objectives with the very best of intentions.  But the truth of the matter is that after a period of time (and that varies for us all) we become complacent, we lose direction and before we know it we have strayed from our course of action.

NO matter what the action is (losing weight, eating clean, making dinner every night) without a little focus and paying attention, it’s VERY easy to get distracted and before we know it, we’re back to square one.  When this happens, here are 6 quick and easy things you can do right NOW to get back on track and on your way to meeting your goals, successfully.

1.  Stop Beating Yourself Up 

If you’re like me, you’re a PRO at negative self-talk.  On more than one occasion I have completely and totally shamed myself for not having done “x”.  Sound familiar?  What you tell yourself every day will either lift you up or tear you down.  So that means that all that self-shame we do in the name of motivation will do completely the opposite.  The solution?  Stop.  Accept the fact you got off track and forgive yourself for it.  Then- MOVE ON.

2.  Take an Assessment

It’s human nature when we actually realize that we’ve got astray to assume the absolute worst.  Chances are that you’re probably not nearly as far off as you may think.  Rather than going to extremes (“that’s it, no more bread, pasta, sugar, french fries, salt, mayo, potato chips, cookies, ice cream, potatoes, butter or dairy for me!”) take an HONEST assessment of where you went astray.  You can’t know what you really need to fix unless you do this.  The end result if you do is a set of unrealistic expectations that will only put you back at square one in NO time.

3.  Set a Goal

Once you assess what it really is you need to correct, set a realistic goal for yourself to actually get there.  Let’s say you’ve assessed that you’re eating crap for dinner, grabbing and going most nights and it’s caused you to put on some pounds and feel guilty.  The goal at first would be something REALISTIC like make a simple, whole foods dinner for 3 nights a week starting this week.  Next week, once you’ve accomplished this goal and feel AWESOME then bump it up to 4 nights, etc.  Before you know it, you’ll have established a new habit and be back on track. 

4.  Get Help

Have you strayed far enough away from your goal that you could really use some help to make your results a reality?  If so, then by all means, now is the time to find someone to help you.  Don’t be embarrassed about soliciting the help of industry experts.  It does NOT mean you are a failure.  It simply means that someone out there knows the BEST WAY to get you where you want to be and you are going to harness that power.  Would you perform your own surgery?  Heck no.  So why go the path alone?  Whether you need the help of a coach for exercise, cooking, meal preparation, weight loss, business or whatever, get out there and get the help you need.  After all, if you always do what you always did, you’re always gonna get the SAME results.  Shake it up!

5.  Make a Plan

It’s great to assess, set some goals and get the help you need, but we all know that things do NOT come together without some kind of a plan of action.  This, however, is where a LOT of us screw up.  We sketch out plans that become magnificent agendas, daily to-do’s that cross every t and dot every i.  It all sounds AWESOME!  The problem is, in many cases, the plans we create are not realistic.  In essence, our good intentions turn into, well, set ups for self-destruction.  When it comes to planning, there is one rule of thumb:  Keep it simple & realistic.  If you’re working with a coach, have them help you create your plan, or if nothing else, have them review your plan so you know it’s simple and doable for the duration of your goal.

6.  Take ACTION!

Everything you do in the first 5 steps is worthless if you don’t actually ACT on it.  Sounds easy to say, but the ACTION step is the hardest.  Start slowly and take steps one day at a time.  Do NOT think about the long run, think about the moment.  Stay present and focus on the task at hand rather than your end goal.  While it’s important to always remember WHAT and WHY your wanting to accomplish your goal, you’ll never get there dreaming about the future, you’ll only get what you want by doing what you need to do NOW.  Stay present and the future will arrive, successfully before you know it.

Putting these 6 simple steps into play will not only help you get back on track easily, they’ll work together to get you where you want to be in no time.  What are you waiting for?  Get back on track, and smile, TODAY!

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