Stacey Hawkins Fall Harvest Pie Spice
Fall Harvest Pie Spice

Fall Harvest Pie Spice

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This warm & aromatic blend of spices is perfect for any hearty fall fruit pie.  Can’t you smell those apples in the oven baking in a delicate crust now?  Stacey’s just made it so much easier for you to make the BEST fall desserts, fast and easy.  Try with classic apple, pumpkin pie, pear cranberry walnut pie, pumpkin, plum, peach and more!  Simply add 2 teaspoons per pound of fruit for the perfect pie with no fuss and fabulous flavor! Adds a hint of sweet without any sugar.  Excellent on oatmeal and in chili as well.  Looking for a way to jazz up your breakfast?  Add a pinch to any oatmeal, shakes or smoothies!

Net weight: 3 ounces
Ingredients:  Grade A cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger & other spices.

Preservative free, all natural, gluten free, sugar free, non irradiated, salt-free.

See nutrition label below for additional information.