Measuring Veggies on Optavia

Veggies, or the "Green" portion of the Lean and Green Meal are an essential part of your daily food plan.

Whether on Optavia 5&1 or simply maintaining a low-carb lifestyle, it's important to know the quantity you are eating in order to properly portion for calories and carbs.

How can you measure raw veggies though? It's easy to measure 1/2 a cup of canned tomatoes, but what happens when they are fresh? Obviously, you can't get the same kind of measurement with a tomato chunk or slices of cucumber or peppers, so what do you do?

Simple- go by weight.

Grab your food scale and measure raw veggies rather than trying to portion them with a measuring cup. After all, you can only have so much patience trying to shove lettuce leaves into a cup, lol, Not to mention that they're a mess when you're done...

The amazing team at Optavia actually put together a handy worksheet for anyone on 5 & 1 to accurately portion 1 Green portion. Since you are allowed 3 portions per day, you can have fun mixing and matching.

Get the Worksheet Here

Take a moment to print this out and never worry about properly portioning your Greens again!

Enjoy and Happy Cooking


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