Veggie Roasting Chart

The easiest and most hand-off way to develop incredible flavor in lowly vegetables is to roast them in high heat.

The combination of a little bit of oil, seasoning and the high heat crisp the vegetables and release warm, rich nutty flavors, no matter what veggies you choose.

The basic technique is this:
Preheat oven to 450 F. Prep the veggies as directed (keep them equal sized) and then toss with 4 tsp oil and 1 tsp Dash of Desperation. Roast as directed on the chart. Stir once halfway through roasting.

It's REALLY that easy!  I love to roast up a big batch and keep them in the fridge for the week. They're super easy to re-heat or even eat cold on a salad drizzled with a little Balsamic Mosto Cotto.

Chef's Notes:  Be sure to keep the veggies in one layer, with space around them to crisp. If you don't, they will be soggy.  Don't hesitate to use 2 or even 3 sheet pans if roasting a big batch. The extra dishes are SO worth it!

Note that if you are Optavia 5&1 Your counts will be as follows: 1/2 C roasted vegetables equals 1 Green, 1 Condiment & 1 Healthy Fat

Print out the chart so you have it for reference & enjoy incredible flavor for years to come!

Happy Cooking-


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